Plugin Boutique is currently running a special promotion on the Virtual Pianist series created by UJAM, with discounts of up to 67% on their electric and grand piano instruments for the next few weeks.

During this sale, each of these instruments is priced at only $49 USD, and the collection includes the following products:

  • VIBE is a meticulously crafted electric piano with rich, dynamic sound, inspired by a legendary 1960s instrument known for its distinct tone.
  • VOGUE is a versatile session player proficient in various modern musical genres. This virtual musician can provide rhythmic accompaniments, solo passages, and instrumental tracks for a wide range of musical projects.
  • SCORE adds a grand cinematic flair to your compositions. Featuring over 175 expressive presets, SCORE allows you to create captivating soundtracks that enhance the emotional impact of your narratives.

This limited-time offer is valid until August 25th, 2024.

For more details, visit: UJAM / Virtual Pianist