Plugin Boutique has a special promotion offering almost a 40% discount on Tokyo Dawn Labs’ set of filter effect plugins created for handling ultra-low frequencies, ultrasonic content, stereo width, and spectral balance.

The TDR Special Filters Bundle includes the following plugins:

  • TDR Infrasonic provides precise management of the barely audible lowest frequency areas in a mix. It features a continuously variable slope filter, min and mixed phase modes, and mix control. Additionally, it incorporates a dynamic bump and a range of harmonic exciters designed to counteract the perceived energy loss caused by filtering.
  • TDR Elliptical serves as a contemporary elliptical equalizer. It is the perfect choice for situations where control over low-frequency stereo positioning is necessary. With a continuously variable slope filter offering min and linear phase modes, along with a mix option, it delivers all the essential technical control. Advanced perceptual filtering and mono-summing compensation techniques help maintain the musical impact from input to output.
  • TDR Ultrasonic aids in managing the consequences of ultrasonic accumulation in wide bandwidth processing chains, particularly in cases where chains of nonlinear processors operate at sample rates above 44.1/48kHz. Featuring a linear phase filter with a continuously variable slope, a mix control, and dynamic Ultrasonic Gate options, it enables the transparent blocking of inaudible content, thus achieving reduced total distortion in the audible spectrum at the chain’s end.
  • TDR Arbiter represents an incredibly adaptable frequency-selective spectral balancer. Its uniqueness lies in the relative nature of the process: The impact is unaffected by the input signal level, making it an excellent choice for de-essing, plosive control, or overall adjustments to the frequency balance, all without impacting the original signal dynamics structure.

Compatible with Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU, and AAX), the TDR Special Filters Bundle is now priced at $49 USD, down from $80 USD, until July 15th, 2024.

For further details: Tokyo Dawn Labs