Plugin Boutique has introduced an exclusive deal on the Supertone Clear de-noise and de-reverb voice separator audio plugin, specially created for video and audio content creators seeking to improve the clarity of their dialogues.

Utilizing cutting-edge neural network models, CLEAR divides audio into three distinct channels: ambience, voice, and voice reverb. The user-friendly three-channel setup empowers you to instantly enhance the clarity of your voice. Fueled by Supertone AI, CLEAR’s separation algorithm delivers top-notch performance while keeping artifacts to a minimum in the final output.

Key Features of Clear:

  • Outstanding De-Noise and De-Reverb capabilities.
  • Simple three-knob control interface.
  • Visual representation of combined and split three-channel audio.
  • Option for low CPU usage to expand versatility.
  • Effective channel controls for swift and precise monitoring.
  • Support for online and offline workflow.

Normally priced at $99 USD, the Clear plugin for Windows and Mac (compatible with VST3, AU, and AAX) is currently offered at $69 USD until July 17th, 2024.

For further details, visit: Supertone