Plugin Boutique is currently running a limited-time promotion on the Sonnox Essential Plugin Bundle, which includes a selection of Oxford series plugins available at a significant discount.

No matter your music preference, you’ve likely heard Sonnox plugins at work on numerous hit records – possibly without even realizing it! These plugins are known for their pure and transparent characteristics, delivering a clean yet powerful mix with a touch of sophistication. The Sonnox Essential Collection provides all the necessary tools to refine your mix to perfection.

Highly praised by professional mixers as their top choice for EQ and compression plugins, the Oxford EQ and Dynamics plugins have established themselves as a beloved industry standard. Their pristine sound quality and precise control set them apart. In addition to this renowned pair, the bundle includes the versatile Oxford Reverb and the SuprEsser – a de-esser plugin known for its incredibly natural sound.

You can purchase the bundle for just $94 USD until July 15th, 2024.

For further details, visit: Sonnox / Essential Plugin Bundle