Plugin Boutique has introduced a time-limited promotion on plugins by ZAK Sound to commemorate the inclusion of the developer’s products in its store.

ZAK Sound provides a range of plugins, Kontakt libraries, and sample packs for music producers. Enjoy a 50% discount on all items in our exclusive Intro sale!

Now available at half price, the following products are on sale starting from $12 USD:

  • Arctic Spaces: Featuring atmospheres, experimental textures, and sequences created by merging an organic and synthetic wavetable engine with a classic waveform synth.
  • Skyridge: An instrument based on vocals that generates ethereal and inspiring pads, ideal for crafting unique soundscapes.
  • Sierras Altas 2: Specifically designed with cinematic, inspiring, and ambient sounds. Its dual-layer engine processes 69 layers, including pads, keys, strings, and synths, offering a wide range of sound possibilities.
  • Orange Dreams: Tailored to deliver the unique chill vibe of lofi, chill hop, hip hop, or similar genres.
  • Deep Waters: A reverb plugin inspired by water essence, perfect for crafting immersive and atmospheric soundscapes.
  • Downtown Grand Piano: Captures the urban ambience using processed urban recordings as convolution samples for the reverb effect.
  • Endless Clouds: Immerse yourself in a sonic atmosphere with these atmospheric and ambient pads.
  • Symphonic Guitars: Experience orchestral sounds of violin, viola, cello, flute, and horn, all produced using guitars.
  • Colorwoods Piano: An acoustic piano delivering a natural and calming tone, yet powerful and crisp when pushed to its limits.
  • Sapphire Guitar Max: Crafted to create chill and inspirational sounds using guitar samples and textures.

This sale ends on July 17th, 2024.

For additional details, visit: ZAK Sound