Plugin Boutique is offering an exclusive limited-time sale on the DeVerberate 3 plugin by Acon Digital, providing a 25% discount on this deep learning-based reverb reduction effect for a short period.

DeVerberate serves as a reverb reduction plug-in capable of attenuating or enhancing the existing reverberation in recorded material. The latest version introduces a brand-new algorithm leveraging deep learning for fully automatic reverb reduction in recorded dialogue. Through training a neural network on a multitude of high-quality voice recordings in various acoustical environments, the AI can effectively separate dialogue from reverb.

Version 3 includes the reverb reduction algorithm from its predecessor for music and other audio sources. Both algorithms segment the incoming audio into an estimation of the direct sound and the reverberated sound, which can be mixed back together as needed. Moreover, it incorporates a distinctive Early Reflections Filter that collaborates with the reverb suppression algorithms. This filter utilizes advanced statistical techniques to predict the impulse response of early reflections, allowing for the cancellation of their effects.

DeVerberate 3 is compatible with Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU, and AAX) and is now priced at $75 USD, down from $99.90 USD, until July 17th, 2024.

For further details, visit: Acon Digital