Plugin Boutique has introduced an exclusive deal on the Glitchmachines Sound Design Bundle, which includes a bundle of 7 innovative audio plugins and 4 sample packs at a discounted rate of more than 90% off the regular pricing.

Presented by the renowned creators Glitchmachines, this bundle offers an extensive array of tools for the forward-thinking producer to craft and deconstruct incredibly futuristic sounds.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of avant-garde to your music productions or immerse yourself in experimental sound design to push the limits, Glitchmachines provides everything you need, and then some.

For only $49 USD, you will receive Cryogen, Fracture XT, Quadrant, Convex, Tactic, Polygon 2, and Subvert 2, along with the Parabole, Syndrone, Vimana, and Deflect sample packs.

This offer will be valid until July 31st, 2024.

For further details, visit: Plugin Boutique / Glitchmachines Sound Design Bundle